“Hi Maka! it is Emma. I just wanted to thank you for the amazing camping trip my family had a privilege of going on. I had such an amazing experience and would love to go on another one. It was awesome to go on so many adventures and see places I never even knew existed. I loved seeing my family so active. You and Miro were so positive and full of light, and I am so happy I got to meet both of you. Thanks again :)”
“Miro and Maka have done such an amazing job with my family’s camp trip, for they brought us to so many different sites that blew our minds and hats away! I am so grateful to have such fun guides taking us to great spots and hikes in the desert. I can’t wait to go on another camping trip, the excellent Miro and Maka!”
“We traveled as a group together for a 160-mile convoy from Barstow, CA to Las Vegas, NV – all off-road, no less – because limited existence is for amateurs. Our 11-strong convoy was led by a pair of experts who live and breathe adventure – Maka and Miro. With their ‘JEEPMAK’ JK ahead of us, we were confident that anything the trail threw at us was nothing they could not handle or adjust to. Their experience with the area and ability to take in the peacefulness and silence on the trail is infectious. On the trip we became more connected on the nature level and taking the road less traveled allowed us to feel like we was discovering the planet all over again. Feeling like you’re 50 million miles closer to the stars has a very positive impact on the soul. We would certainly head out into the unknown with Maka and Miro at any given chance in the future as it was truly the trip of a lifetime.”
Manuel BFG
Maka and Miro- I can’t thank you both enough for the AMAZING trip you planned for my (now) fiance and I. I was so surprised to come home from work on Friday to see these huge Jeeps parked in front of my house. Little did I know that I would spend the next few days off-roading and camping with good friends, making new ones, and becoming engaged to the love of my life. The two of you expertly planned everything out, and when it unexpectedly started snowing, you had a back up plan for where to camp so we could have a fire. I don\’t know how you two and my fiance were able to keep his proposal such a huge secret, but you did, and everything was perfect! I couldn\’t have planned a better weekend myself, nor could I have shared it with better people. Meeting you both was truly a blessing and we we DEFINITELY be planning another trip in the future! Much love and happiness, Brett and Courtney (almost) Lewis 😉
Courtney and Brett